In order to understand another culture, you need to learn about it.  The children from the Donya Institute work on their creative theatre performances and learn tolerance and respect for other cultures through collecting poems, songs and stories about peace and identifying rituals, beliefs and ceremonies that promote coexistence. These materials are a source of inspiration for a show that portrays both Iranian culture and its ancient connections with the world. 

“Four strings, one world” is one of the mottos of this group, which seeks to instil a spirit of coexistence in the different ethnic groups of Israel. The group was founded by the musician and ukulele performer Paul Moore who realized that music and the simple and uncontroversial ukulele could be a way to bridge cultures and overcome differences. The group uses this harmonic stringed instrument to connect Jewish and Muslim children, their parents, schools and communities. Every ukulele in the hands of these children is a tool for social change.

Home to Europe’s disappearing and southernmost glacier, the Abruzzo region is known as the home of the “forte e gentile” (strong and gentle). In the rural area of Case Molino (wind mills house), a musical group from the Qui Ternape school is working on a performance that will show the real Italian spirit from this beautiful region. For them, playing together teaches not only cooperation, but also solidarity. In order to play you need to listen, in order to achieve beautiful music, you need to acknowledge others.

Participation of the group is supported by Aquila strings

The Praga district in Warsaw has undergone a major change from a poor and fairly dangerous area, to a thriving center of culture and renewed social environment. Hope4Street is a prime example of one of such transforming initiative. The project was developed as an independent concept of art therapy carried out with a small group of children. Children from difficult and poor families were involved in a socio-therapy workshops, where breakdance techniques, street art and hip-hop were used as a tool to express one’s convictions and thoughts.

Group leader – Anna Szmid

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